About Me

My Name is Elan Listonugroho

She calls me Lz or Niq

My father calls me El

My mother calls me Golis, sometimes El too

My only brother calls me Begog

My friends call me listo

My YahooID is: e_listo

My Friendster url is http://profiles.friendster.com/listo

My Facebook url is http://www.facebook.com/elan.listonugroho

My Plurk url is http://www.plurk.com/e_listo

My Twitter url is http://www.twitter.com/e_listo

My Interests are:

  • Electronic (both digital and analog)
  • Sensing, remote sensing and data aquisition
  • Sound engineering
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Multimedia
  • Computer networking
  • Linux
  • much more…

My educational background is Electronic And Instrumentation

My first website is listo.port5.com and then listo.50webs.com, elan-listonugroho.blogspot.com, golis.my-place.us, and now i am landing here.

My wanna be is to be the real me and the real GOD wants me to be

LISTO PARA TODOS tag means Clever For All